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Thai Spa in Ueno Okachimachi Tokyo

Siam Spa & Thai Massage

About Siam Spa & Thai Massage

 Sawadee ka and Thank you for visiting "Siam Spa & Thai Massage", an Authentic Thai massage spa in Ueno / Okachimachi, Taito-city, Tokyo. At "Siam Spa" as the name suggests, you can experience massage techniques handed down from ancient Thailand, and Body scrub / Foam body wash, which is a rarity at Thai Massage spas. You can choose a course to suit your individual needs.
 We offer a quiet and calm Asian space with an atmosphere of a Thai spa, and is fully equipped with private rooms, a separate shower and body wash rooms, so even those who have never experienced Traditional Thai massage can spend a relaxing time with peace of mind. Our therapists are all female therapists with experience in Thailand, the home of traditional Thai massage. In order to provide the best service, we are honing our techniques every day, and we are working to improve our treatment skills so that we can provide treatments that satisfy your needs.
 For those coming to our store by train, the nearest stations are; 2-minute walk from the north exit of "Okachimachi" Station on the JR Yamanote Line; a 5-minute walk from "Ueno" Station on the JR Yamanote Line; and a 8-minute walk from A8 Exit of "Naka-Okachimachi" Station on the Hibiya Line. It is in a very convenient location, 3 minutes walk from "Ueno Hirokoji" Station on the Ginza Line.
 After a long day of work or shopping in the Ueno, Okachimachi, and Yushima areas, please feel free to stop by to relieve your fatigue. Our store is an authentic Thai traditional massage store. We are not a sexual shop, so we do not provide sexual services.


Our staff are from Thailand, and Wat Pho is known as the birth place of traditional Thai massage. Therapists who have acquired full techniques at massage schools in Thailand are waiting for your visit.
*If you nominate a staff, a separate nomination fee of 1,000 yen will be charged.























Siam Spa & Thai Massage Courses

Massage Tokyo Siam Spa King Course

King Course (Body scrub+Foam wash)

Our Ultimate healing course which combines; Traditional Thai massage + Oil massage + Lymphatic drainage and Body scrub/Foam body wash. As the course name suggests, you will feel like a KING. Body scrub removes oil and waste products accumulated on the skin, and the fine Foam body wash prevents body odor caused by bacteria. Our first-class hospitality will lead you to an extraordinary experience.

80min  14,000yen

100min  16,000yen

130min  19,000yen

150min  21,000yen

Massage Tokyo Siam Spa Oil Massage

Oil Massage

Thai oil massage is recommended for those who want to recover both physically and mentally. It has relaxing and therapeutic effect and is great for relieving stress and muscle tension. Promotes blood circulation and metabolism, stimulates the central nervous system. Helps relax tense muscles and relax your body.

60min  8,000yen

90min  12,000yen

120min  15,000​yen

Massage Tokyo Siam Spa Siam Course

Siam Course

A luxurious course recommended by Siam Spa that combines traditional Thai massage + Oil massage + Lymphatic drainage. Relax your body with traditional Thai massage, and the oil ingredients and lymphatic drainage massage method supply oxygen to skin cells, promote skin respiration, and promote normal metabolism.

70min  10,000yen

100min  14,000yen

120min  16,000yen

150min  19,000yen

Thai Massage Near Me Siam Spa Course 1

Traditional Thai Massage

Thai Massage is performed on a special mat, wearing loose clothing. It is one of the world's oldest healing therapies that applies pressure along the body's energy lines called "Sen". The therapist uses a series of yoga-like stretching techniques to specifically loosen your back, relieve tension in your joints, and relieve muscle stiffness.

60min  6,000yen

90min  9,000yen

120min  12,000yen

Staff Requests : 1,000 yen


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